There are always opportunities for hands on learning at Leafhopper Farm.

To apply for a WWOOFing position, please send a direct email to Liz Crain at info@leafhopperfarm.com. If you are already working through WWOOF, you may view the farm:


Current Openings– updated Feburary 2019

We are looking for a three month summer WWOOFer position with camping accommodations starting June 1st and Ending September 1st.

*if you would like to work on the farm for more that 1 month of time, please know that we have a vetting system for long term stay. We do not guarantee housing beyond 1 month until we know the WWOOFer relationship is a good fit for Leafhopper Farm.

Leafhopper Farm is open to WWOOFing! We’re taking applications to ensure the best fit for the farm. Please have three references attached, along with full resume. There are three additional questions we’d like you to answer in order to help us better understand who you are.

  1. What are two strengths and two weaknesses you will bring to Leafhopper Farm?
  2. How is permaculture and holistic living already folded into your life?
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Leafhopper Farm is young, and Liz’s experience is growing every day, like the plants and animals she tends. This farm is working towards sustainability through demonstration and education. Our goal is to teach, show through active doing, and inspire others to look at the possibilities of production, even small projects like a kitchen garden or  a window box with some herbs is an invaluable form of productivity. Liz has learned that people invest in things they care about, and connection to space and place creates an empowered relationship. Producing food nurtures self and nature. When we care about the land, tend it, and harvest from it responsibly, we form an awareness that serves us, generations to come. Please join Leafhopper Farm in care-taking, learning, and sharing our gifts in a world of true abundance.

___________Term’s and Conditions__________

WWOOF VOLUNTEERS of Leafhopper Farm

I hereby declare, acknowledge, agree and accept the following:

WWOOF (World – Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) aims at spreading and promoting organic agriculture, exchanging knowledge and experience on a volunteer basis, promoting voluntarism and hospitality in rural areas, intercultural exchange, familiarizing people with traditional or/and alternative ways of living which are directly related to nature, creating recourses for city dwellers in order for them to get in touch with nature, reviving traditional farming techniques and making the best of them, as well as spreading and preserving traditional methods of construction, food preparation, local plant and seed varieties, and products of daily use and hygiene. In order to achieve its aims, Leafhopper Farm manages a small acreage in Washington State, which welcomes volunteers from all over the world for certain periods. Leafhopper Farm provides access in a data base (hosts list WWOOFUSA.org) in which information is gathered and updated regarding available dates for volunteers. Upon acquiring the WWOOF USA membership, the volunteer (WWOOFer) will have full access to the host farm website and will be able to choose according to his/her interests (animal systems, butchering, hunting, gardening, wild crafting, etc.) to contact Liz Crain and arrange with her all issues regarding his/her stay at Leafhopper Farm (accommodation, casual or occasional volunteer work etc).

1) I acknowledge and comprehend that voluntarism refers to offering non-compulsory (voluntary) work without monetary exchange, meaning the time offered by a person without reward for activities which promote human rights and equality that are carried out, either through organizations or directly to others. Voluntarism is not a substitute for paid work and volunteers do not substitute paid workers. Voluntarism is a unique way in which people and groups can express human, environmental and social needs.

2) In consideration of the above, I wish to become a member of WWOOF USA and I am willing to offer my services to Leafhopper Farm host on a volunteer basis and without remuneration, in order to live and enjoy the experience of staying and getting actively involved in a rural environment. I wish to offer my time and services voluntarily, for my own satisfaction, while having at the same time, during my stay with the host, the opportunity to get familiar with life in the countryside and learn organic farming methods.  

3) I acknowledge that my relationship with Leafhopper Farm is not defined by law and that it is not a product of contract or rules of law. I also acknowledge that no legal rights or obligations stem from this relationship. I expressly declare that no employment relationship, work or service contract, agency or apprenticeship exists between me and WWOOF USA or the host, Leafhopper Farm, and therefore I have no kind of claim, of monetary or other nature, against them, due to the services I offer, which I acknowledge to be an expression of my voluntary offer.

4) I understand, acknowledge and agree that any arrangement I make with the host is entirely my responsibility.

5) I acknowledge and comprehend that if during my stay at Leafhopper Farm, I become aware of a behavior or practice that is against the values and aims of voluntarism, I should immediately inform WWOOF USA.

6) I acknowledge that in case my relationship with Leafhopper Farm doesn’t work out well, I am entitled to leave.

7) During my stay at Leafhopper Farm, I am obliged to adhere to the time schedule of voluntary offer that I communicated to the host prior to my arrival to her farm/property, to be consistent and to timely inform host of any changes in order for all necessary arrangements to be made, to always work with a team spirit, as well as to conform and correspond to the needs and expectations of the voluntary program to which I have enrolled.

8) I understand, acknowledge and agree that the services provided to me by Leafhopper Farm are limited, and the farm is not responsible for any loss, damage or accident caused during, or related to, the execution of my voluntary offer. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for getting insurance coverage and for arranging, at my own expense, insurance for health, accident, travel and injury against persons and property.

9) I acknowledge that Leafhopper Farm cannot provide me with any help in getting a visa and I am solely responsible for ensuring my legal stay in the country.

10) I understand that my host’s personal information is private, and I agree not to communicate it to others – nonmembers of WWOOF.